As surface dressing specialists for over thirty years, we value the importance of a good first impression. A professionally laid forecourt in front of a company headquarters, or a well-maintained pathway leading the way up to a heritage building – these all play their part in how an organisation is viewed from the very first seconds.  A website is no different, with the internet working as a shop window to a companies services. Therefore DWS are pleased to share that there has been lots of hard work going on behind the scenes recently, looking at our own digital presence – we are now delighted to share our new website is live.

Our online presence now represents very clearly what we do as a business, demonstrating our stature as top tar and chip specialists throughout the UK. Our new website is a window to the many different services we offer, alongside sharing the plethora of industries we work in and the type of projects we undertake.

Our new online presence, aims to share what we do now, highlighting how our business has changed and also where our specialisms lie.

Let’s look at these three elements in more detail and where you can locate these easily within our new website…

What Do DWS Surfacing Do

We are one of the UKs leading surface dressing companies with a nationwide reach.  We take care of each job from the very beginning, starting with the ground works. Our experienced teams then provide surface dressing services, specialised in asphalt-tarmac and resinbonded stone. Alongside this our we have many different offerings, all detailed over within our Surface Dressing Services page

Our contracts also span many industries – from creating carparks for different leisure destinations, to large company business forecourts. From the very beginning we have been servicing the private sector, with many repeat jobs. More details of our private client work can be found over in our new commercial section

Local authority work is also an area that has grown progressively for us over the years. What started as individual jobs, soon led to us holding many local authority contracts. With experience comes the knowledge learnt over years of how contracts of this size and nature need to be project managed. The local authority section of our website, details more about our work carrying out public sector tar and chip services.

How our Offering has Changed

Our website is not the only internal evolution occurring. As an organisation, we have offered our established services for decades, but the way we provide these services is shifting.

For many years we have often worked in a subcontractor capacity for clients. Providing the excellent high quality service we are known for, but mainly working under other companies. There are still projects where this structure remains, but we have also started to deal with a lot more organisations directly. This spans both the commercial and public sector with us now gaining our own large commercial clients alongside winning many local authority contracts.  You can find out more about us on our About Us page

UK Canal Towpath Resurfacing Specialists

This leads us on to our specialisms. Our services are vast and we continue to offer a variety of work to a variety of clients, yet one area growing expeditiously, is canal tow path surface dressing.

It’s an area, where our specialist knowledge has been consistently honed and we are very much seen as the go to company nationally. UK canal tow paths restoration is such a niche job with so many variables, that previous knowledge is key. The teams working on these jobs need both experience in this type of work, but also specialist project management skills dealing with water way projects is imperative. We talk in lots more detail about our canal tow path repair jobs, over on our project page.