Tarmac & Asphalt

Most commonly used for the following:

  • Roads
  • Car Parks
  • Driveways
  • Golf Clubs
  • Housing
  • Industrial Estates

Require Tarmac & Asphalt services

Asphalt and tarmacadam is extremely versatile…

Tarmac and asphalt is our specialist subject, it’s what we are known for. Not only as experts in the field, tackling specialist jobs that need our high level of experience to complete – but also as a hard working team that consistently does a good job, that’s guaranteed to last.

An extremely versatile material with a range of options to use, we will advise which will suit your project and how best to use it in your space.

With materials always confirming to the latest European standards, our trained and experienced workforce will then expertly hand or machine lay your new ground surface.

Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA)

An extremely durable and waterproof surfacing material. We regularly use stone mastic asphalt for commercial and local authority clients on resurfacing projects such as roads and carparks.

Hot Rolled Asphalt

A hard-wearing dense material, hot rolled asphalt is commonly used for motorways and dual carriage ways. Its durability makes it a popular choice for surfaces that need to endure heavy turning vehicles.

As leading hot rolled asphalt contractors, we can provide the right surfacing services whatever your requirements.

Dense Binder Course 40mm

This material is used under the surface course to add strength to the construction and can be used as a regulating course and a binder course.

As resurfacing specialists, we can advise when this process is needed for your project.

Dense Surface Course 6,10,14mm

These materials are finished topcoats. Sizes and thickness are specifically chosen for the application intended e.g. roads, car parks and footways.  If you are considering what’s best for your space, we can advise on the best topcoat to fit your requirements.


Coloured Macadams

Adding colour when resurfacing, calls for coloured macadams. As approved suppliers and laying contractors for Lafarge Tarmac Mastertint, we can offer an extensive range of hard ground colour coating options.

Tarmac & Asphalt FAQs

  • What is the difference between tarmac and asphalt
    The surface of tarmac and asphalt is the same but there are significant differences between them, therefore there are several factors that need to be considered when choosing the right surface for the job. Tarmac is strong and durable. It is water resistant and provides a good grip as well as looking good. Commonly used for driveways. For roads, asphalt tends to be used as it is extremely hard wearing and a cheaper solution for large areas. It is more resistant to extreme weather conditions and needs a lot less maintenance. Asphalt are kinder to the environment as it can be reclaimed when the surface gets old and then can be reused elsewhere.
  • How do I know which is the best surface for me?
    We can advise you dependant on what the project is for, please get in touch
  • How many different colour macadams do you have?
    We have 15 colours we can choose from, select colour what suites your style of property or to create a hazard zone.

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